Second Circular

The first Global Change Open Science Conference, held in Amsterdam in 2001, was a milestone in the scientific, political and public understanding of this far-reaching topic.  One outcome of that Conference was the formation of the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP), a collaboration between

  • DIVERSITAS – an international programme of biodiversity science
  • IGBP –  the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
  • IHDP – the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change
  • WCRP – the World Climate Research Programme  

ESSP is organizing an Open Science Conference in Beijing, 9-12 November 2006, to present progress in our understanding of the natural and social systems of global environmental change and to highlight the ESSP approach to the study of the Earth System.


  • Earth System Science Approach: New advances in studies of the physical, biogeochemical, biodiversity, and human dimensions aspects of global environmental change.
  • Science for Sustainability:  Global environmental change research relating to carbon, food, human health, and water; as reflected in the ESSP Joint Projects.
  • Integrated Regional Studies: The dynamics, impacts and consequences of the interactions between natural and social systems at regional scales, including extreme events, and how they connect with global-scale phenomena.
  • Global Change in Monsoon Asia: Global environmental change research in monsoon Asia.

AUDIENCE: We invite scientists, policy makers, practitioners, scholars, members of the private sector and journalists to participate in this Conference and to submit proposals for sessions and abstracts.

Prior to the main Conference, the 2nd International Young Scientists’ Global Change Conference (7-8 November 2006), organised by organized by the ESSP SysTem for Analysis Research and Training (START), will convene in Beijing and will provide an opportunity for selected young scientists to present and discuss their work.

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