ESSP Calendar of Events


MAIRS: Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (MAIRS) Scientific Steering Committee Meeting and Inauguration of International Project Office (IPO)
9-11 January. Beijing, China
Contact: Frits Penning De Vries ([email protected])

GCP: Vulnerability of Carbon Pools of Tropical Peatlands in Asia
24-26 January. Sumatra, Indonesia
Contact: Pep Canadell ([email protected]) Website (

GCP: Networks of Community Action for Decarbonizing Japan
9 February. Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Penelope Canan ([email protected])

GWSP: Scientific Steering Committee Meeting
23-24 March. Oaxaca, Mexico
Contact: Website (

GCP: Vulnerability of Carbon in Permafrost
28-30 March. Santa Barbara, California
Contact: Chris Field ([email protected]) and Pep Canadell ([email protected]) Website (

GWSP: International Symposium on GRAPHIC (Groundwater Resources Assessment under the Pressures of Humanity and Climate Change)
4-3 April. Kyoto, Japan
Contact: Website (

GECAFS: Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting
19 May. Oxford, England
Contact: John Ingram ([email protected])

GECAFS: Executive Committee Meeting
20 May. Oxford, England
Contact: John Ingram ([email protected])

GCP: Earth Systems Feedbacks: Vulnerability of the Carbon Cycle to Droughts and Fire
6-9 June. Canberra, Australia
Contact: Pep Canadell ([email protected]) Website (

GWSP: 2nd GWSP Asia Meeting
8-11 June. Guangzhou, China
Contact: Website (

ESSP: 2nd Planning Meeting (ESSP OSC)
12-14 June. Munich, Germany
(Invitation only)

ESSP: Chairs & Directors Meeting
15-16 June. Munich, Germany
(Invitation only)

GWSP: Governance and the Global Water System: Institutions, Actors, Scales of Water Governance Facing the Challenges of Global Change
20-23 June. Bonn, Germany
Contact: GWSP IPO, Daniel Petry ([email protected])

GCP: International Conference on Regional Carbon Budgets
16-18 August. Beijing, China
Contact: Website (

GCP: 6th Scientific Steering Committee Meeting of the Global Carbon Project
31 August – 2 September. Mexico City, Mexico
Contact: Pep Canadell ([email protected])

GCP: Carbon Management at Urban & Regional Levels: Connecting Dev. Decisions to Global Issues
4-8 September. Mexico City, Mexico
Contact: Penelope Canan ([email protected]) Website (

START: Second International Young Scientists’ Global Change Conference
7-8 November. Beijing, China
Contact: START International Secretariat ([email protected]) Website (

ESSP: Global Environmental Change – Regional Challenges. An Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) Global Environmental Change Open Science Conference
9-12 November. Beijing, China
Contact: Martin Rice ([email protected]) Website (

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